Colorful Dog Pet Rain Boots Pu Silica Gel Waterproof Pet


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Colorful Dog Pet rain Boots PU Silica Gel Waterproof pet dog shoes 4pcs/set animal rain Shoes for small dogs Teddy

item description:

【Product Name】: candy pet rain boots

【Material】: environmentally friendly resin PVC
【Product Size】:
S: 4.3CM * 3.3CM wide
M: 5CM * 4CM width
L: 5.7CM * 4.7CM width
【Product Color】: purple / pink / blue / yellow / black cat / dog general, both beautiful to wear, comfortable and easy to clean. Dogs Wearing will not feel uncomfortable and bulky. Is the best choice for pet shoes
[Dog shoes size measurement method]
Step 1: a blank sheet of paper on the ground, so that four dogs standing on top of white paper.
Step 2: Draw a circle around the dog's first foot with a pen. When you draw a circle around the outer edge of the dog's foot, note the back of the dog's foot
When the toe bag, it is necessary to press down its feet, so that under the bag to draw the outer edge, draw a good amount of dog footprints after the re-use the longest footprints
Square is how long, the widest place is how wide. Four feet to the amount.
Step 3: to determine the size of dog feet to choose the longest length and width of the widest.
Step 4: Select the length and width of the dog shoes can not be less than the length and width of the dog's feet, must be longer than the dog's feet and wide 0.1
Cm to 0.6 cm.

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