Linen Square Shape Catnip Bags Cat Catnip Toys Different Colors


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100% Linen Square Shape Catnip Bags Catnip Toys Different Colors Supply Cat Love It Pet Catnip Supply Pet Cat Training

Cat toy cat mint cat love
Size 7x6cm
The role of cat mint is very short, will not make the cat addictive, there will be no side effects. About 50% of the cat reacts to the smell of the mints of the cat. When they get a toy or a mint of mint, there will be a head on the rub, and then roll on the ground, Even drooling, but also licking cat mint. But not how long, and will suddenly wake up, it seems that it is just for their own gaffe feel embarrassed, pretended to do nothing like the way away. It is said that all the cats (tigers, lions ...) have a reaction to the mints, it is really strange!

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